Zone Projects Ltd


We would like to present you shortly Zone Projects and the possibilities that we offer. We are young, ambitions and dynamic team with the main goal to design and develop software from the first step to the last one. Here is a short list of the most important areas we work:
    • Internet/intranet applications and web design
    • Software for mobile devices
    • Windows applications;
    • Consulting services;
In these days at the software market, you can find everything, ready-made web sites, operating systems, applications for easing your job and automating your work process, but all of them have one common and major disadvantage - they are developed for a large circle of clients and in many cases, they do not fit perfectly to your needs. Due to this goal to satisfy so many different needs, adds a lot of unnecessary functions and complicatedness. It is almost impossible to use such a software and never need something special for you, but not available. If this is your case and your company needs an application or a system of applications, designed and developed especially for you, with the respect of all details, we can make it.


Why you need custom software?


In the practice, during his daily work, a person can spot specific patterns and details, repeated regularly that take a lot of time. We can optimize perfectly these situations with the help of software, and sometimes even totally automate. Doing it this way, you will save resources, time and less errors in the process, and then redirect the person to another more important tasks. This step leads to less expensive work and more savings, plus efficiency. Even in a first look, to develop such software seams to be too expensive, it will pay the price in the time. So, when you want to change something in you company, web site, something in the work process, collection data or something totally new, contact us!

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